A standardized benchmark for Out-of-Distribution Detection

OpenOOD aims to provide accurate, standardized, and unified evaluation of OOD detection. There are at least 100+ works on OOD detection in the past 6 years, but it is still unclear which approaches really work since the evaluation setup is highly inconsistent from paper to paper. OpenOOD currently provides 6 benchmarks for OOD detection (4 for standard setting and 2 for full-spectrum setting) in the context of image classification and benchmarks 40 advanced methodologies within our framework. We expect OpenOOD to foster collective efforts in the community towards advancing the state-of-the-art in OOD detection.


  • June 2023: This leaderboard is officially online, along with the v1.5 release of OpenOOD which emphasizes large-scale and full-spectrum OOD detection. Check out our technical report and detailed changelog.

Up-to-date leaderboard based on
35+ methods and their combinations

Carefully designed benchmarks
of various sizes and settings

Light-weight Evaluator

Check out our Colab tutorial.
# !pip install git+https://github.com/Jingkang50/OpenOOD.git
from openood.evaluation_api import Evaluator
from openood.networks import ResNet50
from torchvision.models import ResNet50_Weights
from torch.hub import load_state_dict_from_url

# Load an ImageNet-pretrained model from torchvision
net = ResNet50()
weights = ResNet50_Weights.IMAGENET1K_V1
preprocessor = weights.transforms()
net.eval(); net.cuda()

# Initialize an evaluator and evaluate
evaluator = Evaluator(net, id_name='imagenet', 
    preprocessor=preprocessor, postprocessor_name='msp')
metrics = evaluator.eval_ood()


Check out our paper with detailed analyses.
full-spectrum results
Available Leaderboards
CIFAR-10 CIFAR-100 ImageNet-200 ImageNet-200 (full-spectrum) ImageNet-1K ImageNet-1K (full-spectrum)

Leaderboard: CIFAR-10

Leaderboard: CIFAR-100

Leaderboard: ImageNet-200

Leaderboard: ImageNet-200 (full-spectrum)

Leaderboard: ImageNet-1K

Leaderboard: ImageNet-1K (full-spectrum)


➤ What are the differences between OpenOOD v1.5 and v1.0? 🤔
OpenOOD v1.5 extends its earlier version by 1) including large-scale experiment results on ImageNet, 2) studying full-spectrum detection, and 3) introducing new features such as this leaderboard and the new evaluator. As a result, the leaderboard uniquely accompanies our v1.5 release. Please also see a detailed changelog here.


Consider citing our papers if you reference our leaderboard or use our implementations in your research:
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Contribute to OpenOOD!

We welcome any contribution in terms of both new methods and application scenarios. Please check here for more details. Feel free to leave a message by either opening an issue or discussion in our github repo.


  • Jingyang Zhang
  • Jingkang Yang
  • Pengyun Wang